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BIP Programme

Bring home a business idea and partner through our BIP matchmaking programme! Our matchmakings will help you to get in touch with your future business partners, boost your business through buyers and sellers meetings, and give you the possibility to talk directly to our speakers during our ask the expert sessions. The BIP programme takes place throughout the conference, on 10 and 11 November 2016.


‘Co-’ Speed Dating – Meet your future business partner

BIP programme participants will pick a side – buyer or seller – to meet in a speed dating format. Talk about co-production, co-operation, co-llective, co-branding, co-creation, co-source and co-operative in concise seven-minute chats.


  • Co-s from the corporate world
  • Co-s in film
  • Co-s in games
  • Co-s in TV
  • Co-s in education
  • Co-s in the children’s world


Buyer/Seller Meetings and Pitching

Do you want to sell your content or product in Singapore? Or perhaps you want to pitch your story or present your latest business idea. The buyer/seller meetings will help you to get in touch with the right people.


  • Agents vs Authors
  • Agents vs Publishers/ Film/ Games
  • Publishers/ Film/ Games vs Authors
  • Content Buyer vs Content Seller
  • Technology Provider vs Publishers, Game Creators, Film people


Ask the Expert

Get advice and inspiration from our speakers in personal one-on-one conversations. Our specialists can offer objective and confidential advice on specific topics. Appointments can be scheduled online beforehand or booked onsite, subject to availability.


Book your Meeting Tables

Pre-book a table in the meeting area in slots of 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 90 minutes. There are tables for up to six people available.


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