Electrical Concerns During Construction

July 28, 2021 By admin Off

A growing design trend in residential and commercial structures is the integration of electrical, lighting and control systems. This practice has become very common in renovation projects as well as new construction. Such a system often requires that more than one licensed contractor be involved with the project; however, each commercial electrician in Frisco TX must provide their own billing for all work performed.

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Here are some of the electrical concerns that should be highlighted during design and construction.

The electrical service must have adequate capacity to meet both short-term peak demand and long-term growth needs. In other words, is it big enough? The number of circuits within a structure does not necessarily indicate if there is sufficient capacity available in the service. There should also be sufficient grounding and bonding available at the service entrance to support the load demands of new systems.

Grounding and bonding must not compromise other components within a structure such as fire suppression, sprinklers or telecommunication equipment. Grounding and bonding requirements are often overlooked yet they are critical to ensure current is properly returned to earth.

Do not use the same grounding electrode system as was used at an existing structure or one that is being renovated. The equipment for the new electrical systems could be more sensitive to ground potential than previous installations and require a different ground configuration.

Grounding and bonding requirements must also be considered before excavating a site. Proper grounding of equipment on the jobsite can prevent arcing, electrostatic discharge and moisture damage to sensitive electronic circuitry.

Working with a good contractor will ensure that these concerns are dealt with and that you have the tools you need to make your new building as safe as possible in regards to electrical wiring and currents.