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About Singapore Publishing Symposium

Singapore Publishing Symposium brings a professional dimension to the Singapore Writers Festival, connecting authors and would-be-authors to publishers, editors and agents, helping to improve the skills of Singapore’s writers and creative talents and increasing the capacity of Singapore's literary publishing companies. The Symposium complements the Writers Festival in promoting Singapore writing for publication. Organised in 2015 by the Singapore Book Publishers Association and the Frankfurt Bookfair, together with the National Arts Council, the 2015 Symposium hit new heights of energy and involvement.

For 2016, the Publishing Symposium will merge with StoryDrive Asia, a major new investment in Singapore’s creative industries.

About StoryDrive

The media and content industries are undergoing a rapid change. Digitisation challenges the self-concepts of content dealers formally known as publishers, film makers, game developers etc, forcing them to renew and redefine traditional structures, relationships and processes.

To compete in this increasingly competitive market, content dealers have to adjust and find new ways to do business. They need to venture into completely new revenue models while improving their current value propositions. As industry boundaries get more indistinct, a story is no longer bound to a single format – it can be told through a variety of media and across various channels and formats.

To harness this potential, the Frankfurt Book Fair created the all-media platform Frankfurt StoryDrive in 2010. Frankfurt StoryDrive reflects the changes, developments and trends that are currently evolving in the content industries. StoryDrive China was held in Beijing in 2012 and 2013, and renamed to StoryDrive Asia in 2014.

The Next Level – Singapore Publishing Symposium / StoryDrive Asia in Singapore

In 2015, the Frankfurt Book Fair, Singapore Book Publishers Association and MP International announced that they would bring StoryDrive to Singapore, with StoryDrive Asia. By including all genres and expanding into cross-industrial collaborations, StoryDrive Asia in Singapore serves as a business platform for the content universe.

At StoryDrive Asia and Singapore Publishing Symposium 2016, we will address the latest trends in the content and data industry. We want to unfold new possibilities and business models. We are helping to bring about a PARADIGM SHIFT in the business of content and data.


StoryDrive Asia and Singapore Publishing Symposium 2016
Date: 10 & 11 November (trade professionals only)
Venue: The Arts House, Singapore


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